Monday, April 6, 2009

More Words!

Connor has added a few more words to his vocabulary and I love, love, love to listen to them! He has the word "treat" down pat now. Unfortunately, we are all out of dog treats since each time he said it and pointed to the cabinet, we gave Nestle a treat! He actually says "treaa" but close enough! He loves bubbles and can say "buh-bles" very clearly. Another word that he has mastered is "NO!" So far, he hasn't used it in a way that will get him in trouble, but I'm sure he will soon. As for now, he mainly says it to Nestle when she tries to eat the food out of his hands. It's kinda funny, actually! He can also say "moon" and point to it in the sky. He calls his blanket "la-la." I have no idea where that came from ... I guess it's easier for him to say than "blanket." And yes, he LOVES his blanket which he sucks the edges of as he falls asleep. It's fairly large and I have tried to replace it with a much smaller one (one that he won't trip on as he walks around with it in his mouth), but he wanted NOTHING to do with the new one! Guess I should have tried the swap much earlier!!

Lee and his dad have built Connor a playset in our backyard. I have to be honest ... at first I was worried as to how it would turn out! Lee isn't a carpenter by ANY means, but somehow they did it and it looks great! Connor LOVES it!! They hung 3 swings (2 baby swings, and one "big boy" swing), added a slide and built steps which lead to a deck that has a roof over it. Well, the actual roof isn't there yet, but they have framed it up. Lee is debating whether to use a tin roof that he has at work or use some leftover shingles from our house. I can't wait to see the finished product! I'll post a picture when it's complete.

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