Saturday, April 25, 2009

18-Month Check-Up

Lee and I took Connor to his 18-month check-up yesterday. Of course, I took my little list of questions for Dr. Davis to answer and here is what I learned (in case any of you have the same questions that I had):

- Yes, Connor can use hand-sanitizer

- Yes, Connor can use bug spray (deet 7 ... whatever that means!!)

but should wash it off when he comes inside

- Connor probably doesn't need vitamins, but if we feel that he isn't

eating properly (according to the food pyramid), he recommends Poly-vi-sol.

- He confirmed the new carseat study that Sloan told me about. This new study

by the AAP recommends that parents keep their children in rear-facing seats

until the age of 2. It looks as if this could very quickly be passed as the new law.

Here is the link to the publication released by the AAP this month

- Next shots for Connor ... 4 years old!! YEAH! Except for the flu shot which we
will definitely get! I try to stay abreast on all of the current AAP research at The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that all children (6 months - 18 years) should get the flu shot.

- His case of pink eye (in both eyes!!) that he came down with last week has completely healed!

- Dr. Davis recommended a book to me ... Making the Terrible Twos Terrific by John Rosemond which I have already ordered from It had great reviews and I am looking forward to reading it! I will read it along with the Dr. Gary Chapman books which I LOVE!

Connor weighed in at 29.6 ounces which is between the 75-90th percentile ... and is 33 1/4 inches tall which is also between the 75-90th percentile. As I do at each visit, I asked Dr. Davis to reassure me that Connor is not overweight. He explained it this way ... Yes, Connor is "above average" with his measurements; however all are preportional! Yes, he weighs more, but he is also above average in height which will cause him to weigh more. He said that I shouldn't change a thing, and that Connor is perfect! :)

I also had to admit to Dr. Davis that we still rock Connor to sleep every night. I have always LOVED that special time at night with my son (and so does Lee, who also rocks him), but Connor is beginning to "fight" the rocking sessions. He tries to sit up and slide down my lap so he can go play, or go watch TV with his dad. He also flips and turns constantly in my arms as if he can't get comfortable (which I can understand why ... he's big!) I think that it's time for him to learn to fall asleep by himself at night. Mama Jean (his babysitter) puts him in the crib for his nap without rocking him, so I don't think this will be too hard. It's just going to be so sad for me, as this is another sign that he's growing up! Dr. Davis recommended "weaning" him off of the rocking habit by rocking him for 5 minutes the first night, 4 the next, then 3, etc. We will start this on Monday. Of course, I had to ask what he thought about Connor still sucking on his blanket when he's falling asleep, and he informed me that his blankeet will be his "saving grace" with this new transition. Yay for his blanket ... I'm so glad I can say this as I have been thinking about weaning him from this as well. Dr. Davis says there is nothing wrong with having a blanket at 18 months!! Whew!!

I was happy to report that Connor can now say 17-18 words. Yes, I have been keeping up with what he says just so I can be certain that he isn't delyaed. Guess that's the teacher in me! I began to worry since I was caught off-guard with this question at his 15-month check-up and could only think of 2 or 3 that he could say ... which was below "average" for that age. But, no worries now!! He is right where he should be! YAY!

It's hard to believe that I'll be planning another birthday party in less than 6 months! They grow up so fast. I'm definitely going to miss the "infant" days, but look forward to the toddler years as well. Connor is such a fun child who puts a smile on our faces each and every day of our lives. He brings so much joy and laughter to our lives. We thank God daily for giving Connor to us!


  1. That is a great book Carey. I think you will enjoy it. Isn't Dr. Davis the BEST? I love him!!

  2. WOW! My baby is growing up so fast. I still remember the day he was born and me putting on my emergency flashers to I wouldn't miss his birth! How time flys but I've enjoyed watching him gown into a handsome, sweet nephew of mine!

  3. Hey Carey! So good to hear from you and glad you found my blog!! Connor is precious and I love your blog. I'll check in often to see what I have to look forward to in the years to come :-) BTW, I worked with Sloan's husband at VCH when he was an intern/resident. Small world!


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