Friday, March 27, 2009

Fun Times!

This is such a fun age! Connor is 17 months old and is able to do so much now ... well, atleast he THINKS he can! :) He tries to put toothpaste on his toothbrush, tries to put on his shoes, tries to use a toddler spoon and fork, brushes his hair with anything that looks similar to a brush, draws with a pencil or pen, waves at every car that goes by, and even puts his dirty diapers in the trash! Restaurants aren't so much fun right now, so we are avoiding them as much as we can! He has so much energy and can't sit still long enough to enjoy much of anything ... even food! He stands in the dog food bowls, puts diapers in the air vents (clean ones, thank goodness!), puts clean pieces of toilet paper in the toilet, dips his food in ketchup and licks the ketchup off, and has the loudest temper tantrums in the WORLD! Whew ... he's a handfull but it's so much fun!! He has also added a few more words to his vocabulary! "Daaa" along with a wave is his way of saying BYE. He can say "hey!" "L, L, L" and pointing to the computer is his way of asking to call Auntie Liz on Skype. "Coo-kee" is cookie and "kaka" is cracker. He's trying real hard to say "treat" because he is OBSESSED with giving milkbones to Nestle. He "moooo's" at cows and says "tak-or" for tractor!

Since this is Lee's "busy season" at work and on the farm, I have been driving to Kingstree after work each day to get Connor. If I don't, it's 7:00 - 7:30 before I get to see him. It's not fun driving 30 minutes there and back, but it's worth every minute of it just to share these fun and exciting times with him. He's growing up so fast!

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