Saturday, February 7, 2009

Finally ... WORDS!!

When we went for Connor's 15 month check-up, his doctor asked me how many words he was saying. Sadly, I could only think of 2 that he says on a regular basis ... "da-da" and "dog". Although the doctor assured me that it was nothing to worry about, I knew that many babies say much more than this by 15 months and I wanted mine to do the same. Within a week, Connor began saying so many more words. I'm not sure if after the doctor's visit, Lee and I started really listening to his words, or if he really improved his vocabulary since the visit. Whatever the reason, Connor is finally "talking" and it is so much fun to hear him!!

Words he can say:
DaDa (his very first -and only - word for a long time!!)
na-nuh (for banana)
who-dat (see below)
ha (for hot)
Mah-ma (FINALLY!!!!!!)
Quack-Quack-Quack (from one of his favorite books ... 5 Little Ducks)
Uh-oh! (see below)
Dank-ew (thank you)
na-na-na (for no)
duice (for juice)

My 2 favorites (other than Mah-ma, of course!!) are Who-dat and Uh-oh!! Every single time the phone rings or someone walks in the door (at anyone's house) Connor stands up and says "WHO DAT" as he turns both hands over. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I have no idea where he got that from, although Lee says he gets it from me ... he says I'm nosey!! "Uh-oh" is a favorite, too, because Connor doesn't just say it when something "unexpected" happens, he also says it when he purposely does something. Example: When he's sitting in his booster seat and purposely drops his peas on the floor for the dog to come eat!! I know this isn't a "good" thing, and I correct him at the table, but I can secretly laugh about it on here!!

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