Tuesday, January 20, 2009

15 Months Old

I cannot believe that my little man is already 15 months old!! He seems to be growing up so fast these days! He is walking well (even runs at times), babbles non-stop (even though we can only understand a couple of words), and even tries to use a spoon to feed himself!! My baby is growing up!! He knows exactly how to hold a phone to his ear and will "talk" to anyone on it! A few days ago, he even kissed the phone when Aunt Liz was talking to him! I was amazed to learn that he can even make the "smack" sound when he kisses!! Precious!!! Oh, and he has actually called a few people so if we have "pranked" any of you, SORRY!!! When Nestle (our Cocker Spaniel) scratches on the door, he walks over to it and tries to open it for her. He HAS figured out how to open the doors at Mama's house. He LOVES sitting in his little chair from cousin Hannah ... he'll "kick back" like Daddy and even cross his ankles JUST like him!! (Those little eyes are ALWAYS watching!!) His Lovey taught him how to kick a ball over the weekend ... he LOVES any kind of ball! He tries to sneak up Lovey's stairs when no one is watching but let me assure you, he KNOWS he is doing wrong because he will climb one stair and look around to see if anyone is watching. When his eyes meet mine, it's like looking at a deer in headlights!! :) Connor still LOVES books and picks out the tractor in every book that has a picture of one in it. Vvrrrrrmmmmmm, vvrrrrrmmmmmm soon follows!! He isn't so good about sharing yet, but LOVES to tease!! When someone asks him to share whatever it is in his hands, he will stick it out and just as soon as the person goes to take it, he quickly draws his hand back and laughs out loud!! It really is hilarious, even though I try my hardest not to laugh as we are trying to teach him to share. I have been trying to teach him to give our dog a treat, but not Connor ... he wants the treat for himself! I'll have to wait a few more months to teach him this skill because as soon as I hand Connor the Milk-Bone (with the intentions of Connor giving it to Nes), he takes it and runs to another room! Connor is absolutely infatuated with tractors ... must be in the Morris blood!! You know it's serious when I have to enter Lowes through the exit door just so we won't pass the MANY John Deere lawn mowers parked at the entrance door!! Connor has a "moment" when we pass anything "John Deere" or tractor-related! He starts pointing, kicking his feet, and babbling! So, we just completely aviod that situation when we shop!! :) During our family Christmas get-together at Aunt Liz's house, Connor saw Uncle David's brand new John Deere lawn mower in their garage. He wouldn't let us forget that he saw it, returning to the door several times and pointing ... telling us through his motions that he wanted to go out and ride!! Sweet Uncle David took Connor for a few spins in the yard and Connor LOVED it!! I can't wait until Uncle David teaches Connor some of his baseball skills!! :) You'd be amazed at how well he can already throw a ball!! (I'm going to take credit for his sport skills even though Lee thinks he should!!)

DEU 4:9 Only be careful, and watch yourselves closely so that you do not forget the things your eyes have seen or let them slip from your heart as long as you live. Teach them to your children and to their children after them.

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