Friday, January 2, 2009

14 Months Old

Connor is now 14 months old and so much fun! He is walking well (although it's still that cute little "waddle" which I LOVE!!) and he sometimes even tries to run! Lee and I enjoy chasing him around the house while he runs (and falls) and laughs. He has a mouth-full of teeth which REALLY hurt when he chomps down on my finger. I didn't realize babies teeth are so sharp and jagged!! :) He still isn't talking too much although I think he has finally made the correlation between Lee and "Dada." Sadly, he isn't saying "Mama" but I feel certain that it's coming real soon!! :) And yes, I'm ready ... even though I know I'll regret saying that one day!! :) He has said "Mama" a couple of times and each time I thought to myself "That's it!! Now he's going to start saying it!!" WRONG!! While playing outside, he waves at EVERY SINGLE car that drives by. His favorite thing on this EARTH is a tractor. Every time he sees one, he says, "Vrmmmmm, vrmmmmm ..." He isn't scared one bit of the loud noises they make and would ride with his Granddaddy on a tractor ALL DAY if we let him! He even has a John Deere night light which he unplugs from the wall and Vrmmmmm vrmmmmm's!! He will do the same thing when he is reading his John Deere book! I forsee a John Deere birthday party sometime in my future. WHY am I not at all surprised? Connor also loves looking at pictures of his cousin, Hannah. Since they live in Nashville and we don't get to see them as often as we would like, I have made a point to often show him a frammed picture of Hannah which I have on an end table in my den. Just the other day, we were playing in his nursery and he walked (waddled) out. I listened to his footsteps and knew he was just in the den so I waited for him to return (He won't stay gone without me for long!!). Just a few seconds later, he returned to the nursery with the frammed picture of Hannah in his hands. I said. "Connor, who is that? Is that Hannah?" I almost cried as I watched him immediately kiss her picture!! How precious! Hopefully they will be moving back to SC real soon!! We miss them so much! We were so glad to be able to see them at Thanksgiving and Christmas this year! Sloan and Hannah are planning a trip to SC this summer and we are so excited! I have recently learned that Connor is not afraid to get dirty! He had his first experience with mud puddles when his "Lovey" (my mama) let him play in them when she came to visit! He had the best time splashing in that nasty water! As a friend said, "That's why they make soap and water!!" He also enjoys feeding the cows on his Granddaddy's farm and isn't afraid of them either! Connor has brought so much joy to our lives and we are enjoying each and every minute with him. He is truly a gift from God and Lee and I thank Him daily for this precious gift he has blessed us with. God tells us in the bible ... "Train a child in the way he should go; and when he is old he will not turn from it." (Proverbs 22:6) This is my resolution for 2009 (and for the rest of my life)as I want Connor to love the Lord and walk with Him each day of his life.


  1. I love it!! Great goal for 2009!

  2. I was wondering when you were going to update again! Love it! I cant wait for the boys to see each other again. Maybe by then Ryan will finally crawl. He just wants to roll around for now. He's silly!


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