Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summertime Fun!

Connor and I are having such a fun summer! We've been going almost non-stop since school got out at the beginning of June and we have been enjoying every busy minute!! Last Wednesday, we flew out to Nashville to visit my sister, brother-in-law and my adorable little niece, Hannah. She and Connor are only 7 weeks apart and they have so much fun playing together!! Sloan and I would often peak around corners to "spy" on them while they were playing and just about fell to the floor laughing so many times!! They are hilarious!! Here are a few pics from our trip.
Sloan, Greg and Hannah are planning to move back to the Carolinas in about a year and I can't wait!! There is a chance that they'll end up in Charleston (which I've been praying for), but it all depends on where Greg can find a job. He's a Pediatric Cardiologist and is applying to MUSC, Charlotte, and a few other places. Of course, I'll be happy just to have them closer, but would love it if he gets a job in Charleston ... only about an hour from us!! Oh, the fun we'd have!! I never realized how much I would miss living close to my family until I had Connor and Sloan had Hannah! I've missed my family ever since I got married and moved to Andrews; but it's even worse now that 2 of us have kids! My sisters and I have always been close and we'll do whatever it takes to make sure our children "grow up together" but it's so hard when we live so far away from eachother. Connor and Hannah love eachother so much and this was obvious to us when Hannah started crying when it was time for us to say goodbye on Saturday. It just about broke my heart! It's all in God's hands ... so as for now, I'll keep praying that #1 ... Greg finds a job and #2 that it's not too far away from us!!
I cannot believe that my little man will be 2 in a little more than 2 months!! Where has the time gone? His new favorite word is "NO!" ... definitely NOT a good thing and Lee and I are working on correcting this problem!! The "terrific" 2's have begun!! His vocabulary is expanding every day. I love listening to him "talk!" He leaves the consonants off of many words, but this is normal for a child his age. (and yes, you know me ... I've already looked into this!! haha!!) He calls Sloan "oh-N" and often refers to a cat as "caa-A." He loves to "read" books, watch Elmo and his Leap Frog dvd's, and isn't afraid of pools or the ocean. He even likes to go underwater!! I can't wait to give him swimming lessons! All I need now is a pool!! :) His favorite game is "Ring Around the Rosie" and of course, he thinks the "all fall DOWN" part is the GREATEST!! He even enjoys doing this in his crib ... and occasionally on the floor! "Down" is another new favorite word! He's beginning to learn his ABC's and already knows the sounds that some letters make. He enjoys putting puzzles together and says "YAY" while he's doing it (even if the pieces are in the wrong place!)!!!! It's hysterical to watch!! He loves to dance and even tries to sing some. :) He loves to run and climb on everything. He's even figured out how to climb on our bed (which is pretty high off the ground). He can climb into a small tractor and even into a car! Needless to say, he's very active ... which is a good thing! Surprisingly, he even enjoys brushing his teeth at night!! I brush them first, then give him the toothbrush so that he can "brush" them. Thank goodness for the Baby Einstein toothpaste!! It's so much easier with a good-tasting (I guess??) toothpaste!! Connor caught his very first fish today! Lee said that he even tried to hold it as his Granddaddy took it off the line!! He's not scared of anything!!
Lastly, I'd like to say CONGRATULATIONS to Jennifer and David Hix on the birth of their baby girl, Chloe, who was born on June 18. I'm so excited for all of my preggo friends (Melissa, Angie, Melanie, Cayci, Kristin, April, Katey, Jill, Kelly ... I hope I didn't leave anyone out!!) and wish you all the VERY BEST!!

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