Saturday, October 11, 2008

Our Little "Prince" Is Turning One!!

Whew ... what a day!! Today (well, yesterday now) we celebrated Connor's first birthday with a house-full of the BEST friends and family ever!! We really appreciate all who made the trip to celebrate this special occasion with us!! Connor had a blast and absolutely loved all the attention. He had the cutest "Lil Prince" cake (to go along with the whole 'lil prince theme) and it was the BEST cake I have ever eaten. Connor seemed to agree!! :) (see picture!!) He got LOTS of new and fun toys!! Someone told me today that I need to turn his bedroom into a playroom so I will have somewhere to store all of his new toys!! I can't wait to play with all of them with him! He even sported a new hair cut today!! I know, I know, he isn't officially a year old yet but I HAD to do it ... his bangs were so long and were hanging down in his eyes!! Not anymore, though!! Ms. Cindy took care of that for us and Connor was so good the whole time!! We couldn't believe how well-behaved and still he was. Just hope he is like that next time we go!! (yeah, right!!) Thanks to everyone for making Connor's first birthday such a special one! We love you all!!


  1. We had so much fun at Connor's party! He is precious and I am so glad our boys get to grow up together. I just hope mine don't corrupt yours :)

  2. Hey Carey! Just found your blog thru Facebook. So cute! Happy Birthday to the little man!


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