Sunday, September 21, 2008


Lee, Connor, and I went to the beach last night to pick up Connor's first birthday invitations. It is so hard to believe that his birthday is just a few short weeks away. It seems like just yesterday we were on our way to the hospital to be induced (stopping to use the restroom once, of course!) So many precious memories have been made over the past year ... memories that God has truly blessed us with!! I'll never forget the first few baths ... Connor's umbilical cord was soaking wet because Lee and I didn't know any better! :) I'll never forget my thoughtful friend Tanya, coming over to the house when Connor was only 5 days old and taking the most beautiful pictures of Connor. Those pictures are PRICELESS!! I'll never forget all those times we disobeyed EVERYONE and put him in the bed with us just so we could get a few moments of sleep. I'll never forget rocking both of us to sleep countless times!! I'll never forget our nightly baths together ... even at 3 1/2 weeks, Connor LOVED sitting in the tub with me! I'll never forget the numerous "photoshoots" my mama wanted of her and Connor. Each shoot consisted of about 100 pictures ... fingers crossed that there would be just one of him awake, not crying and with no spit up on his shirt!! I'll never forget Connor's first precious giggles, finding hair all over his sheets, sucking on his blanket, him singing himself to sleep, eating the sand at the beach, his first tooth, getting caught eating Nestle's dog food and with his hand in the toilet! I'll never forget how relieved I was seeing Mrs. Yevonne's white car drive up in the drive way!! She came and relieved me more times than I can count! I'll never forget the night Connor found his "friend" while in the tub!! He yanked and tugged at this little friend until Lee made him stop. It has become almost a nightly thing now!! I'll never forget laughing until I couldn't breathe when Aunt Liz changed Connor's diaper on my mama's oriental rug ... Connor started tt'ing just as she took the diaper off and it went really high in the air!! We laughed so hard that we couldn't get the diaper back on him and it soaked her rug. I'll never forget the phone call I got at work, on my FIRST day back from maternity leave ... it was my sister, Sloan, calling to tell me "Hannah is coming!!" ... her water broke and Connor was going to have a cousin at any minute! Connor and Hannah are only 7 weeks apart! I'll never forget taking Connor to the hospital when his other cousin, Noa Kate, was born. Connor and Noa Kate are only 20 weeks apart! I'll never forget Connor's first plane ride - we went to Nashville to visit Sloan, Greg, and Hannah. He was close to perfect on the plane - all 4 times! I'll never forget his first boat ride with Liz and David. Connor LOVED the air blowing his hair and face. Nor will I forget his first ride on the tractor. He loves anything with a wheel!! It's amazing how quickly time goes by! As for now, we are enjoying every minute we can with our little man because we can already tell that he'll be grown in the blink of an eye! We thank God every night for our precious miracle!

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  1. That is so sweet! I sat with tears in my eyes as I read it. It is so easy to forget all of the little things that make being a momma so much fun! Connor is lucky to have you and Lee.


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